Student Explorer

Student Explorer is an early warning system that helps Academic Advisors identify students at risk of failing a course.

screenshot of student explorer advisor page

The Problem

Academic advisors are often responsible for overseeing a cohort of 500+ students. It’s difficult for them to keep track of each student’s performance and identify crucial opportunities to intervene throughout the semester. Student Explorer helps solve this problem by assigning each student a real-time status and displaying data about the student’s performance compared to their class average.

My Role

As the UX lead on this project, I started by conducting user interviews and focus groups with advisors from many different departments across campus to inform my design work. I then led a team of UX and development interns on the functionality and worked with my graphic design intern on a new brand identity for the platform.

My favorite part of the process was understanding advisors' different use cases and designing for their needs. The tool should work well across contexts, like when an advisor shares their screen with a student in their office, or when a user in the athletic department pulls up student data on their phone while traveling to a competition in another state.

mockup of student explorer on a desktop, phone, and brochure

Style Guide

It was important to us to create a style guide that gave Student Explorer its own identity while still conforming to the visual requirements of the University. I brushed up on color psychology to choose a palette that conveyed professionalism, reliability, and intuitive real-time information.

student explorer style guide

Logo Creation

I charged a group of UX and graphic design student interns with the logo design process. I got them started by conducting a few brainstorming sessions where we taped up inspiration from around the web and grouped illustrations into categories. We then sketched out dozens of iterations and tested them around the office and with customers. We landed on a design that incorporates the red/green/yellow stoplight motif as a nod to a familiar element in the UI. It also creates a subtle “E” for Explorer.

student explorer logo brainstorming