MCommunity is the University of Michigan’s online directory for faculty, staff, and student data.

screenshot of MCommunity redesign on desktop and mobile

The Problem

A data repository for thousands of students, faculty, staff, groups, and alumni is unruly by nature. MCommunity was pushing the limits of its previous design, so we decided to start from the ground up and create a new directory that’s more accessible, responsive, intuitive, and maintainable.

My Role

My role as the UX lead was to gather feedback from users, create the new design from scratch, and help prioritize tasks for the development team. Many of the requests I received in user testing called for better mobile functionality, so I created all my designs mobile-first. This was especially tricky when dealing with complex interactions like group creation and member management. I worked closely with the business analysts and developers to understand these scenarios and the problems they present.

MCommunity mobile sketches
MCommunity mobile wireframes

My Process

As the scope of the project became larger, it was difficult to decide which features to design first. Writing and mapping the user stories helped us determine which parts could be grouped together and what work needed to go into the first release. The next step was to document these stories in Jira and organize them into epics and sprints for our Agile schedule. As our developers completed each new piece of functionality, we reviewed and tested the outcomes together before rolling out and communicating updates to campus.

user story sticky notes on a whiteboard prioritizing the MCommunity development work in Jira