My Logo

The story behind my logo creation and how a part of my design process actually gave me the final idea.

screenshot of academic reporting tools on desktop and mobile


When I decided to create a logo, I knew I wanted something simple that speaks to my identity and design process. After sketching out a few dozen ideas, I realized that part of my design process itself, paper prototyping, lent itself pretty well to the symmetry in my initials. I found myself folding a strip of paper into an interlocked M and W, which is what sparked my new idea. I also liked that the shape subtly hints at an infinity symbol, which represents the iterative nature of my work and how I often go back to the drawing board to incorporate feedback from my users.

an overview of my logo design process from folded paper to finished illustration

I tried a few iterations without color to give my logo an origami feel. I liked this approach but ended up favoring the additional contrast that some color affords. I chose slate blue for my primary color because I think it represents professionalism and trust, and an electric blue accent that I could carry through the rest of my site in primary actions and illustrations.

some mockups of Jeep functionality for the apple watch