Daily UI Challenge

Every day I receive a new UI design prompt. This is a fun way to stay sharp and explore new styles.

screenshot of academic reporting tools on desktop and mobile


I recently signed up for the Daily UI challenge. I've always enjoyed mobile design in particular, so many of my Daily UI mockups focus on native app interactions and wearable tech. Here are some of my favorite designs so far.

Boarding Pass

boarding pass mockup

Travel App

mockup of an app for browsing and purchasing outdoor trips

Preferences Screen

mockup of a page for managing your mobile app settings

Shopping App

mockup of an shopping app

Transaction History

mockup of an app for browsing your credit card transactions

Netflix for Xbox

mockup of the netflix app for xbox one console

Spotify for Apple Watch

mockup of four screens for the spotify app on the apple watch

Illustration Set

a set of photography illustrations

3D Touch

mockup of new functionality for the apple weather app

Mobile Menu Interaction

mockup of new interaction for switching accounts in the gmail app

Shipment Confirmation

mockup of a new email receipt from amazon

Welcome Screen

mockup of a welcome screen for a photography app